Sok Thim, MD
Executive Director of CHC Cambodia and Co-founder Global Health Committee/Cambodia Health Committee

Dr. Sok Thim is the principle investigator of the CIPRA grant from the National Institutes of Health and is a coordinating investigator of the CAMELIA study. He also leads the Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) tuberculosis project that CHC is pioneering on behalf of the Cambodian National TB Program. In this capacity, he is developing the training plan and treatment approach to diagnose, treat and prevent the spread of drug-resistant TB in Cambodia and is replicating the same model in Ethiopia.

Dr. Thim entered the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Phnom Penh in 1973. His education was cut short by war and he was forced to leave the university after two years when the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. Dr. Thim became a refugee from1982 to 1991. In the refugee camp he was trained first as an ARC nurse and then as a medical assistant. He took charge of ARC TB program as TB coordinator in the site 2 camp, and in 1989 became an UNBRO Khmer TB advisor, managing the TB program along the Thai-Cambodian border camps. Dr. Thim repatriated back to Cambodia and co-founded the Cambodian Health Committee in 1994. He went back to medical school in Phnom Penh and received his M.D. in 2006. He studied short course DR-TB management at the National Jewish Health hospital for respiratory and immune disease in Denver, Colorado in 1996, and attended the summer program at Harvard school of Public health in 2001. Dr. Thim also attended the DR-TB program organized by the W.H.O in Lima, Peru in 2010 and at times is a consultant to the W.H.O.