Our Vision

Courtesy of James Nachtwey, 2004
Dr. Sok Thim, at the home of a TB patient in Svay Rieng, performs an examination and charts the patient's progress
We believe it is both a tragedy and an injustice when the poor, the disenfranchised or refugees die from treatable or preventable diseases.

Left untreated, half of the people with tuberculosis and all with AIDS will prematurely die. Treated, most will have the opportunity to live full, productive lives. Often people do not have access to care because they are poor, displaced by war, or victim of other circumstances and calamities beyond their control.

That's why we are engaged in treating TB and AIDS in these poorest of populations and why we advocate for access to lifesaving TB and AIDS drugs for all who need them around the world. At the same time we focus our efforts to improve the care and treatment of those suffering from TB and AIDS everywhere.

Our creed: All people, no matter where they live or how much money they have, deserve the chance to lead healthy lives.